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Lock My PC 4.9

Lock My PC prevents other users from checking documents within your PC
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Going out on my break from work and leaving my computer unattended always gives me an itchy feeling. This is why I started looking for applications that helped me lock my PC without shutting it down and prevent other users from checking my files. Lock My PC was a program that solved this issue for me.

You will get plenty of security configurations that increase the protection level for your computer, like enabling CD-ROM lock down, locking PC if idle, ask password when quit and many others.

I even checked for the program's efficiency by attempting to access documents while locked. Ctrl+Alt+Del key combination worked, but trying to manage applications from the Task Manager tool was a different story and I failed to unlock my PC.
However, there was a time when I tried to unlock my computer and the "Enter Password" window didn't even appear, probably due to high CPU usage. So, I had to restart my PC to get back to work.

Lock My PC has done a good job preventing other users from accessing my documents and even informed whenever there was an attempt made. With that being said, you should consider trying this application, especially when you don't have to pay much to use it.

Ashley Griggs
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Review summary


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • You can set your own background image
  • Notifies you whenever there's an access attempt
  • Supports multi-user installation


  • Setting a lock screen animation and applying transparency effect might slow down ongoing background tasks
  • Unable to unlock several times. I had to restart my PC
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