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Lock My PC is a security tool to protect your data from unwanted access
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Lock My PC is a very powerful security tool that saves your private data and files hiding your computer activities from unwanted hands. The program keeps working in your system tray and can be activated with a single click of your mouse. The best thing is that, using this program, you can also lock your PC with a previously created hotkey combination. You can also set the program to lock your PC automatically after a set time of inactivity. Therefore, the program proves to be a perfect PC-lock for office use, and for any other place where somebody else could access your PC and steal or harm your data while you are away, even for just a few seconds - after all, there are many people misusing pen drives and USB sticks for their benefit. One of the amazing features of the program is its capability to lock CD/DVD drives on your PC with a password, thus disabling yet another way of stealing your important data.

The program has one more interesting feature, called “Blind Password” – when activated, your PC will not even ask for a password from a user who is trying to access your PC without permission - your system will start just looking jammed and frozen to this unwanted user! But, of course, you can unlock it using the usual password, though there will not be any window requesting you to enter your password.

Also on the “best features” list there is one that can also disable your Windows Task manager, and automatically lock a PC on startup, too. Therefore, with Lock My PC there is absolutely no way to access your data without your permission. If someone still tries to guess your password, you will have the chance to see the details of all those unsuccessful attempts made to unlock your PC – just open the log files and check your CCTV footage (when available) to find out who were trying to access your data without your permission at a certain time.

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